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Sacred Cacao Sister Circle: Spring Medicine

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Dear Sister,

Spring is calling us to gather!
Come and get ready for the season of growth within a safe and sacred space to go deep into healing, empowerment and sisterhood. Together we will share the ancient practices of shamanic journeying, plant medicine ceremony, transformational Breathwork and the sweet nourishment of sharing circles.
If you are longing to connect with your inner wisdom, nurture your health, wholeness and let go of old energy, this is a beautiful opportunity to nourish up and make some sacred space for self-love with Cacao.

Cacao helps us to remember our place within the harmony of all things and as caretakers of the planet. This plant spirit guides us home to the heart and helps us to release old hurts and blockages that may be held there. We will work with Ceremonial Ashaninka Cacao from Peru, which is a precious, pure, high vibrational and highly nutritious plant medicine. It contains pure anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule, lots of antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and the molecule of happiness serotonin! The money that goes to the Ashaninka tribe co-operative at fair price for their cacao, enables them to be more economically independent, whilst maintaining and protecting the forest and wildlife they inhabit.

You will have the opportunity to connect to your inner wisdom with the practice of Shamanic journeying, guided by drum and Cacao. This ancient practice helps to expand consciousness and journey deep into the inner realms for healing and guidance.

To further guide the process we will let the breath open us up. Transformational Breathwork is an incredible way to attune, align, empower health on all levels to help you truly shine. It supports deep cellular healing, cleansing and expansion, supporting optimal health in the body along with emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being by releasing stored trauma from the body and encouraging new healthier patterns to be formed in the brain

As we come together to heal ceremonially in this way, we get to experience close connection with each other, and mend the feeling of separation and isolation that can be so frequently experienced in our modern day cultures.

Welcome to participate in this journey of personal and cultural repair, empowerment, joy, and celebration where all of you is welcome!

To prepare:
> Fast for the 3 hours before the ceremony begins
> Wear comfortable, cosy clothing
> Avoid Caffeine and sugar for 24 hours
> Bring a water bottle and journal if you have one
> Bring an object for the altar that has meaning for you: a crystal, necklace, small statue, etc (you will take home with you)

Please do let us know if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or are taking any anti-depressants or heart medication. Thank you!

Naraya Oakspring will be holding a safe and sacred space for the ceremony and is there to support you each step of the way. She has been trained in the healing arts and is passionate about working with women and plants to empower wellness on all levels. She has been working with holistic healing for the past 13 years. To find out more, please visit her website:

Places are limited to 12 sisters. Please book your place here:

The time for rebirthing is here.
Welcome to dive deep into Spring Medicine.

Earlier Event: April 13
~ Enter the Flow Gate ~