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Sacred Cacao Sister Circle & Medicine for the Baltic Sea

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Hello Sister,

This is a beautiful opportunity for us to gather together for ceremony, healing, empowerment, nourishment and sisterhood. Together we will share a Sacred Cacao Ceremony where you will get the chance to connect with yourself in a way that deeply opens your heart and enhances your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance.

This journey is wonderful for you if you would like to release something that no longer serves you, reconnect with your power, mark a change in your life, deepen your relationship with your feminine body, and all of the wisdom and life force that lives within you. The intention for this particular ceremony is also for us to share our healing with the Baltic Sea. As women, our bodies are deeply connected to the body of Mother Earth, and it is very powerful for us to dedicate our loving energy to the places we love that need some extra care. In this way we can reclaim a culture of Earth guardianship and regeneration so we can help to be the change we want to see here on Earth.

We will work with Ceremonial Ashaninka Cacao from Peru, which is a precious, pure, high vibrational and highly nutritious plant medicine. It contains pure anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule (Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit :) ), lots of antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and the molecule of happiness serotonin! The money that goes to the Ashaninka tribe co-operative at fair price for their cacao, enables them to be more economically independent, whilst maintaining and protecting the forest and wildlife they inhabit.

During the ceremony we will share:
> A shamanic drum-guided journey to connect with your inner wisdom with the help of the Spirit of Cacao
> Sharing Sisterhood circles
> Transformational Breathwork for deep cellular healing, cleansing and expansion, supporting optimal health in the body along with emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being by releasing stored trauma from the body and encouraging new healthier patterns to be formed in the brain
> A ritual for the healing of the Baltic Sea
> The safety, beauty and nourishment of sacred space
> Community, belonging and togetherness in our healing journeys
> Offerings to Mother Earth to share our healing with her, especially the Baltic Sea

As we come together to heal ceremonially in this way, we get to experience unity with each other, and mend the feeling of separation and isolation that can be so frequently experienced in our modern day cultures.

Welcome to participate in this journey of personal and cultural repair, empowerment, joy, and celebration where all of you is welcome!

To prepare:
> Eat only lightly or fast completely for the 3 hours before the ceremony begins
> Wear comfortable, cosy clothing for our work indoors, and please have warm clothing for our work outdoors
> Bring a water bottle and journal if you have one
> Bring an object for the altar that has meaning for you: a crystal, necklace, small statue, etc (you will take home with you)
> Bring natural, biodegradable materials such as flowers, pine cones, stones, feathers, or something natural that you have made, to give as a gift of love for the Baltic Sea

Please do let us know if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or are taking any anti-depressants or heart medication. Thank you!

The exchange cost for the ceremony is €33.
Please note that there are two Sagayoga studios! One is located in Töölö and the other one is in Punavuori at Sepänkatu 19, where this ceremony will take place. :)

Places are limited to 12 sisters for this circle.
You can book your place here:

About Pamela Oakspring:
Pamela has been holding healing space for over 12 years. She specialises in helping people to set themselves free, reconnect to their inner wisdom and power in a grounded way that brings joy and transformation. Pamela is a Transformational Breathwork practitioner, Energy Healer, and Ceremonialist who loves to work with Nature, Embodiment, Universal Shamanic practices and Plant Medicines. She is passionate about Sisterhood, Womb Wisdom and living in alignment with the feminine energy cycles, moon cycles, and seasonal cycles, to create more joy, well-being, creative fulfilment and connection in life.

You can visit her website for more information:

Welcome Sister!
The circle is here to hold you.